Frequently Asked Questions

1. My college academic calendar got extended by 6 months due to COVID 19 which means I am still a Student but my Student Card has expired. What do I do?

Answer: Students who are awaiting results can apply in the Student Category. Please mention your case in the cover letter.

2. I just completed my studies recently but haven't taken up any job yet. What category should I register?

Answer: Students who have recently completed their studies, say a few months ago, and are awaiting results may be considered students on a case-by-case basis. If so, Please state and justify clearly in your cover letter.

3. I am partly employed in a company and have joined a course/university. What category should I register?

Answer: If you work in a company, Please register as a professional even if you have joined some course or university. If you are a startup, Please register in the startup category.

4. I work in a Company/University, but my Company/University is not sponsoring me. Will it be possible to get scholarships in such a case?

Answer: Thank you for your query. NAAMII is a not-for-profit research institute dedicated to the capacity building of the youth of Nepal and the democratization of AI. It is our continuous effort to make AI education as affordable and as accessible as possible. While it is our best effort to provide as much financial support to as many attendees as possible, as a new institution, we are bound by various financial and logistic constraints.

5. I will be participating in the event fully online. Since the registration fee includes lunch and dinner, am I not paying extra fees?

Answer: We are providing food for lunch, dinner and tea breaks only as a bonus for onsite participants. We encourage all the participants for onsite participation.

6. Since the program is in a hybrid setting, I would like to attend some of the classes online and some onsite. What is the provision for transportation for such cases?

Answer: Transportation services are available for all the participants for onsite settings and can be used by the participants even if they are intending to attend only a few classes onsite.